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Future Direction in Organization Development Essay

The field of OD is advancing, however so too is the setting inside which OD is applied. As summed up in figure 25-2. A few interrelated patterns are influencing the setting inside which OD will be applied sooner rather than later. They concern different parts of the economy, the workforce, innovation, and associations. Now and again, the patterns will legitimately affert OD practice. Innovation patterns, for example, Internet entries, voice over the web, and remote system, will no uncertainty impact how OD experts speak with association individuals, encourage groups, and oversee change. Different patterns, for example, the expanding convergence of riches, speak to significant logical powers that will by implication influence OD through their associations with different patterns. The Economy Researchers and futurist have portrayed an assortment of financial situations, and there is subtantial understanding that the world’s economy is amidst a progress from the modern age that described a significant part of the twentieth century. Despite the fact that these situations ditier in their points of interest, they all fit under the rubric of globalization, and a significant number of similar patterns are recognized as drivers, including innovation, workforce, and association, which will be talked about independently. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the and of politically-sanctioned racial segregation, the separation of the previous Soviet Union, the production of the European Union, fear based oppressor assaults in a wide range of nations, and the rise of the chinese and indian economies are key occasions in the progress to a worldwide economy. Associations from arround the world are progressively ready to move their assembling from high-to low-work cost nations. Execute universal mergers and acquisitions, and construct overall administrations organizations. The rise of worldwide economy is well under way, however the guarantee and defense of that procedure is a long way from complete. The underlying strides toward globalization have filled genuine value decline in numerous customers items, gave work to individuals in less-created countries, and driven income development in an assortment of ventures. Anyway , the progress to a worldwide economy is generally un overseen, and there is expanding worry over its social and natural results. This brings up inconvenience a few issues around three key issues: social assorted variety, pay dissemination, and natural maintainability. To start with, progressing to a worldwide economy is a perplexing and overwhelming procedure that includes associations, innovation, individuals, and governments. Yhe job and capacity of national governments and the significance of social decent variety in the process isn't surely known. There are not many for the most part acknowledged rules. From one perspective, a few financial specialists contend that globalization is useful for nations and societies. The refer to various case of how music, workmanship, political idea, innovation, and different antiquities of culture have crossed limits and improved people’s encounters. Other contend that legislatures must face the troublesome decision of safeguarding or relinquishing their way of life. Seconds, globalization of the economy is firmly identified with an expanding convergence of riches in moderately barely any people, organizations, and countries. Third, there are progressively clear alerts that the biological system can never again be treated as a factor of creation, and that achievement can't be characterized as the collections of riches and material merchandise to the detriment of nature. The ends from the intergovernmental board on environmental change propose that industrialization is certifiably not a dubious yet a reasonable justification of an Earth-wide temperature boost. Seceral customary associations are holding since quite a while ago held assessments about their commitment to ecological rot by defining agressive objectives to diminish ozone harming substances. The Workforce The workforce is getting progressively various, taught, and unexpected. Part 18 archived the assorted variety pattern and recommended that associations, whatever they work principally in their nation of origin or abroad, should create strategies and working styles that grasp the evolving social, ethnic, sexual orientation, and age decent variety of the workforce. Innovation By practically any measure, data innovation is a huge and progressively regular unavoidable truth. An expected 150. 9 million overall web clients in 1998 developed to 605. 6 million of every 2002. In 2007, as per a web world details gauge, in excess of 1,24 billion individuals were on the web, and of those, 37% were in asia. The web is the foundation of a worldwide economy, and despite the fact that the innovation area of endured monetary misfortunes, not many individuals question its future significance. At the center of data innovation is E-trade, an economy that knows no limits. Online business includes utilizing computerized teller machines, purchasing games, on your PDA, purchasing ang selling items and administrations over the web, and selling publicizing space. This scope of exercises makes assessing the size of the E-business advertise troublesome. Two sort of E-trade appear to be especially applicable to OD’s future: business-to-shopper and business-to-business. Business to purchaser advertise accumulates a lot of consideration and mindfulness since it is the means by which the general population takes part in E-trade. This consideration and mindfulness since it is the means by which people in general takes an interest in E-trade. This market, which incorporates E-rears such us Amazon. com, eBay. com. in these organizations, OD must assist with making and actualize novel plans of action. The authoritative issues in the business to business advertise are much progressively perplexing. A genuine case of the suggestions and capability of this market is the worldwide vehicle industry’s production of an online store. Notwithstanding giving the foundation to E-business, innovation is additionally changing and empowering an assortment of hierarchical procedures. New advancements, for example, SAP or PeopleSoft, drive changes in how data and work data and work forms are facilitated and overseen: they additionally require adjustment in the manner in which efficiency is estimated.

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Case study based assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Based task - Case Study Example Abrupt herniation through the foramen magnum (back of the skull) is deadly (Kennedy, 2001). Expanded ICP is characterized as a supported rise in pressure above 20mm of Hg/cm of H20. The craniospinal hole might be considered as an inflatable. During moderate increment in volume in a constant mode, the ICP raises to a level at which the expansion level of CSF ingestion stays up with the expansion in volume. Irregular extension causes just a transient ascent in ICP from the start. At the point when adequate CSF has been assimilated to suit the volume the ICP comes back to typical. Extension to a basic volume does anyway cause determined raise in ICP, which from there on increments logarithmically with expanding volume. The ICP at long last ascents to the degree of blood vessel pressure, which it self starts to build (Thamburaj, 2004). Raised ICP causes blood vessel hypertension, bradycardia (Cushing's reaction) and respiratory changes. It is customarily acknowledged that hypertension and bradycardia are because of ischaemia or weight on the brainstem. There is additionally a proposal that they could be because of expulsion of supratentorial hindrance of brainstem vasopressor focuses because of cerebral ischaemia and that bradycardia is free of the ascent in circulatory strain. The respiratory changes rely upon the degree of brainstem included. The midbrain inclusion results in Chyne-Stokes breath. At the point when midbrain and pons are included, there is supported hyperventilation. There is quick and shallow breath when upper medulla contribution with ataxic taking in the last stages. Pneumonic edema is by all accounts because of expanded thoughtful movement because of the impacts of raised ICP on the nerve center, medulla or cervical spinal line (Thamburaj, 2004). There are noticeable signs that point out that Joyce is surely experiencing expanded intracranial weight. The most noteworthy of which was the enlargement of the left eye. It was uncovered in the appraisal information that Joyce's understudy in the left eye is more prominent than her correct eye. This solitary shows that there is failing in her inside head part or inside the mind, especially in the correct side of her cerebrum. it ought to be noticed that enlargement of the eyes must be equivalent on the two sides because of ordinary working inside the cerebrum. Also, in light of the fact that the left eye's student is widened more than the correct eye, it must be accepted that there is an exceptionally solid weight inside the mind, compelling the left eye's understudy to be enlarged vigorously. Another noteworthy information that shows that the patient is experiencing raised intracranial weight is her irregular circulatory strain, internal heat level and intracranial weight rates. These three angles are past as well as under the ordinary furthest reaches of a normal individual. Joyce's circulatory strain is low (the ordinary pulse is 110/70 - 120/80). This must be that there is something incorrectly in her blood course which can be influenced by the electrolytes as well as failing of a portion of her body organs, nerves and frameworks. Her internal heat level is past as far as possible which is 37 degree Celsius to 37.5 degree Celsius (Dunn, 2002). Strange circulatory strain likewise shows that her blood dissemination and body organs are not working appropriately in this manner influencing the creation of body heat. Joyce's intracranial weight is likewise high and over the restriction of the typical rate. This mirrors there is an expanded intracr

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A College Summer Break

A College Summer Break Summer break can be a few months of relaxation and full of traveling, but college can bring other opportunities into your life! This summer I will be spending my summer in Champaign, doing a lot of different things. I am happy to say that I will continue blogging while I stay on campus over the summer. I’ll update you all on what’s going on around campus and my take on my first-ever summer here at school. Also, as a junior right now I am thinking about my post-graduation plans and what career I want to pursue in the future. Over break I will begin to apply to dental schools and prepare myself for any upcoming interviews! This seems like a daunting task, but it is nice to have resources on campus, like the career center, to give me tips and advice on how to strengthen my personal statement and resume. On top of that, I will be taking a summer course at school. The option of taking courses during breaks gives students, like me, a chance to get ahead in my curriculum while still getting the full experience of a regular semester-long course. I am grateful for this opportunity that gives me the option to potentially graduate early, too! While doing all of this, I will be working as an Illinois Student Admissions Representative (iSTAR) full-time. This lets me to make a few extra bucks during break so I can save it for future spending! So, looks like I’ll be a busy gal this summer! There are numerous opportunities to get involved on campus during breaks. Whatever interests you, Illinois has it! Kripa Class of 2020 I'm majoring in Psychology, minoring in Spanish, and pursuing a pre-dental track. It seems like I’m all over the place, but that’s what I like about college! I get to choose to study what I’m interested in, and I’m happy to be doing just that at Illinois.

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John Lewis A Chain Of Upmarket Store Operating...

John Lewis is a chain of upmarket store operating throughout United Kingdom and owned by John Lewis Partnership. John Lewis is the largest retailer in the UK and started trading in 1864 on London1s Oxford Street and a growing online business (John Lewis, 2016). The John Lewis Partnership is unique: it’s the UK’s largest example of co-ownership and its activities are governed by a principles-based Constitution (John , 2016). John Lewis Partnership owns the leading retail business of Waitrose and John Lewis, as well as John Lewis Broadband (provided by Plusnet plc) and John Lewis Insurance services (John , 2016). . The competitiveness of John Lewis is influenced by the changes in different external environmental factors, which includes Politics, Economic, Social, Technology, Environment and Legal. Task 1 The competitiveness is influenced by the changes of Technology. Technology is/and still playing a vital role in any business. The growth of online selling in the UK and the world has led to large increase in its online sales. The raising numbers of people, who own computers, smartphones and tablets; and having access to internet which has a high positive impact for their online sales. As there is an increase in demand of new technology, developments of new tablets, computers are rising in popularity and John Lewis sells a wide range of these. For John Lewis to keep up with the demands of their customers they had to move in-line with the recent development of newShow MoreRelatedCompetitive Environment And Maintaining Customer Relationships1677 Words   |  7 Pagesvital for a business to know enough about their customers and to know the wants and needs of the customers. Britain s largest employee-owned retailer, the John Lewis Partnership owns Waitrose, a chain of British supermarkets, which comprise the food retail division of the Partnership. As of 2016, Waitrose has 336 branches across the United Kingdom, which is 5.3% share of the market, making Waitrose the sixth-largest grocery retailer in the UK. When the retail industry is considered globally, it isRead MoreTesco s And Selection, Personality And Finally Motivation1789 Words   |  8 Pagesorganisations which are Tesco’s and John Lewis. I will be discussing the different types of key theories and practises used in each of the business and how they have helped the business to become successful. The three key areas that this assignment will be based upon are Recruitment and Selection, Personality and finally Motivation. Tesco’s was first found in 1919 by Jack Cohen since the it has grown in to the largest supermarket retailer in the United Kingdom which also operates in fourteen otherRead MoreSecondary Research3401 Words   |  14 Pagesthey have a gap in their market. I feel that adding a food hall to their chain of stores would be successful. This could potentially be very risky for the business as it means they are entering a market they don’t really have any experience in with products they aren’t used to. The food halls will not be an extension onto the existing stores; they will be a completely different brand, following in the footsteps of John Lewis and Waitrose. Though, it won’t be completely rebranded – I will still useRead MoreOnline Grocery Business10398 Words   |  42 Pagesof B2C e-commerce in the grocery business: fulfillment center and fulfillment process. The case will also describe ASDA’s efforts in overcoming problems with their home-sh opping fulfillment model and present important elements of’s virtual store and its operation. The paper concludes with the challenges that has been facing, their current status, and future prospects. Keywords: B2C e-commerce; digital economy; distribution channels; e-business; e-commerce expansion; e-commerce implementation;e-commerceRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 Pagesstored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without either the prior written permission of the Publishers or a licence permitting restricted copying in the United Kingdom issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd., Saffron House, 6-10 Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TS. This book may not be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise disposed of by way of trade in any form of binding or cover other than that in which itRead MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 Pages3. Marketing concept s 3.4. The Marketing Mix (The 4 P s Of Marketing) 3.5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethics in Marketing 4. Have you understood type questions 5. Summary 6. Exercises 7. References 1. INTRODUCTION: The apex body in United States of America for the Marketing functions, American Marketing Association (AMA) defines marketing as â€Å"Marketing consists of those activities involved in the flow of goods and services from the point of production to the point of consumption.

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The Future Of Enlightenment - 996 Words

The Future of Enlightenment Balpreet Palha 214985881 Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of HUMA 1910, York University Mark Terry, TA†¨ Tutorial # 3 Enlightenment was a prevalent topic in the 18th century. In 1784 Kant, Immanuel wrote An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?. In which Kant sheds light on the distinction between public and private reason using many different instances. Kant proposes that public use of freedom is essential for enlightenment, but says the private reason is not as useful as public. Similarly, this paper will argue that public freedom can more effectively lead to enlightenment, but private reasoning can also lead to enlightenment using present day examples, comparing past and present circumstances and indulging into the outcome of both private and public reasons. Kant explains, â€Å"Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to use one’s understanding without guidance from another† (Kant, 35). Although immaturity in today’s linguistic language is thought of as being irresponsible or childish, Kant however uses immaturity to describe the incapability to be able to think on your own. Additionally Kant explains that an immature person becomes so dependent on others to make his decisions that he overlooks thinking for himself. Kant uses an analogy of restrained animals, like cattle and how they â€Å"will not dare take a single step without go-cart to which theyShow MoreRelatedThe Age Of Enlightenment And The Scientific Revolution1675 Words   |  7 Pagessocial norms and scientific advances. Although the industrial revolution and the scientific revolution represented a giant leap forward in human development, the Age of Enlightenment delivered the greatest influen ce for the future American society and planted the way for cultural and humanistic enrichment. The Age of the Enlightenment raised new concepts in education, democracy, and human freedom. The new humanistic philosophy promoted the polish of the human intelligence and made education a longingRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem The Fountain 963 Words   |  4 Pagesworld of The fountain, there are three planes of existence which correlate to the past, present, and future/consciousness. Darren Aronofsky intertwines these three times periods creating a nonlinear perspective of time, but it is in line with the general plot of the movie. Aronofsky wants the viewer to link the time periods together where the past is the story depicted in the book, and the future can be seen as his consciousness. A character that stays apparent in these settings is Izzi. IzziRead MoreThe Enlightenment and the Emergence of Free Thinkers Essay781 Words   |  4 PagesThe Enlightenment brought a wave of new t hought and information into a society dominated by one controlling force: The Church. This final authority over the people in these dark times controlled them with religious dogma and powerful â€Å"suggestive† power over their state leaders. Being the largest and richest organization in the world for centuries gave The Church the ability to squash any free thinkers. Before the printing press, the majority of the educated and literate were the christian monksRead MoreThe Enlightenment : The Greatest Impact Of The Enlightenment945 Words   |  4 Pageswould be very different if the Enlightenment did not occur in the 18th century. With people like Immanuel Kant, Baron de Montesquieu, and John Locke, the Enlightenment was one of the most revolutionary events to ever occur. For example, Immanuel Kant explored human experiences, Montesquieu believed that there should be three branches of government, and John Locke believed in the social contract and the ability to own life, li berty and property. The ideas of the Enlightenment drastically changed the worldRead MoreEssay about Kants Views on Enlightenment505 Words   |  3 PagesKants Views on Enlightenment The best summary of Kants view of Enlightenment lies in the first paragraph of his essay An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?: Sapere Aude. Translated dare to know, the phrase is the motto of enlightenment. For Kant, enlightenment means rising from the self-imposed stupor which substitutes obedience for reason and which atrophies mans ability to think for himself and develop his natural capacities. Laziness and cowardice prevent man fromRead MoreThe French Revolution And The Enlightenment1471 Words   |  6 Pagesof the French Revolution sparked by philosophies of Enlightenment, will impact the future. Historical figures such as Robespierre heading the Great Assembly will drive change in culture through the revolution, in hopes of achieving enlightened societies. The 18th century marks the beginning of modern history. The French revolution playing a role in furthering Enlightenment, will led to a chain of events that will change the course of the future and moderniz e the world through the intellectual andRead MoreAn Analysis of Candide Story by Voltaire1347 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Candide or Optimism† was written in the enlightenment era. Voltaire story is published in The Norton Anthology of Western Literature. Voltaire’s character, Pangolss, is a philosopher who teaches about God morals. Pangolss is also a mentor to Candide, who is the main character of the novel. Candide has a good heart but is also feel s very hopeless in life. Pangloss takes Candide under his wing and teaches him that â€Å"best of all possible worlds.† The enlightenment movement is seen closely in VoltaireRead MoreEssay on Life and its Quest: Personal Experience917 Words   |  4 Pagesgood or bad. Thus, no two people will have the same quest because every person is unique and will have a different life. There are an infinite amount of paths and choices that one can take, and that is what makes the quest in life worthwhile. Enlightenmen t in this sense is not knowing all about the world, but is rather finding an inner peace and happiness with oneself and one’s life by gaining new experiences. My father was the very person who opened up this view of life to my eyes. As a childRead MoreThe Objectivity Of The Enlightenment1156 Words   |  5 PagesThe objectivity of the enlightenment, which explains everything through mathematical and scientific laws, is in itself the impediment within progress because to detach the emotional aspect of reason within rationale results in fragmented knowledge; it is only when both realms of knowledge and emotion intertwine within the genius that progression will readily manifest and prosper in ratiocination. While certain personas and events in Arcadia typify Enlightenment characterization, others depict characterizationRead MoreBuddhism : Then And Now1035 Words   |  5 Pageshe saw it, there was no point in life if there was so much suffering. At age 29, Siddhartha set out into the world to find enlightenment. After a 6 year journey, after meditation, starvation, and torture, Siddhartha finally received his enlightenment. He was meditating under the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, India, and said he would not move until he gained perfect enlightenment. Devaputra Mara, demon of all demons brought an army of his kind to disturb Siddhartha during his meditation. When that did

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Dissertation Guide on Wireless Mobile Communication Technology in Nigeria Free Essays

The following dissertation guide seeks to investigate how wireless mobile communication technology could be implemented in rural areas of Nigeria, to help assist Public Health concerns. Background research The history of Nigeria dates back to 9000 years BCE. Beyond the slavery, postcolonial British rule, instability and civil wars, a democratic rule is now at the centre of Africa’s most populated country [1]. We will write a custom essay sample on Dissertation Guide on Wireless Mobile Communication Technology in Nigeria or any similar topic only for you Order Now With a population of approximately 140 million peoples and an area almost spanning 1 million kilometres squared, although English is the official national language, regional languages still remain and are spoken across Nigeria. Languages including Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, reflect the four main groups of which the population of Nigeria are subdivided; inNorth Africa, Hausa and Fulani, in the southwest Yoruba and the Igbo in the southeast [2]. There are 37 federal states inNigeria, with Abuja as the State Federal Capital, situated at the epicentre of Nigeria[3]. A project of the public health foundation of Nigeria was set up with the primary objective to reenergise Nigerian Health communities and bridge relations with the health sector to improve health for Nigerians nationwide [4]. Numerous communication systems involving wireless communication for use in transmitting voice, video and data in local or wide areas have evolved within the last century including such things as wireless local area networks, multidirectional wireless cellular systems, wireless bridges and satellite communication systems [5]. Two companies Zain and the internationally renound Ericsson companies have collaborated with the United Nations into Nigeria, with the aim of alleviating poverty and bring a sense of autonomy to rural people in Nigeria. With the advent of the â€Å"Millennium Village Project† the future looks bright for the health of rural communities in Nigeria[6]. References [1] Falola, Toyin; Heaton, Matthew M. A history of Nigeria. Cambridge University Press. (2008). [2] [3] [4] [5] Encyclopedia of Wireless and MobileCommunications. Editor, Borko Furht. 2008. ISBN: 978-1-4200-4326-6 (hardback) 978-1-4200-5562-7 (electronic) [6] Core issues that shall be addressed in the literature review: Four main areas shall be the focal point of this review. 1) Federal Republic of Nigeria- country profile including; government, GDP, geography area, people; languages, population density, population growth, races/religions/tribes, poverty fraction. 2) Health system in Nigeria – with emphasis on Public health, history of public health inNigeria, how it was set up, development since, management programmes 3) Access to public health for remote and rural communities –, what is considered a â€Å"remote community† – choosing two/three regions, take an in depth look at the measures adopted to ensure patients in these areas have access to the health system. Is the health they receive different from that of other area such as the Capital Abuja, how is it different and what are the reasons for them. 4) Wireless Mobile Communication technology – What is itWhen was it invented, potential uses, how it has been utilised so far and in what circumstances. How will it be implemented into public health programmes, costs involved, what effects (positive/negative) will it have on the social and medical outlook for these remote regions. How to cite Dissertation Guide on Wireless Mobile Communication Technology in Nigeria, Essays

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Customer Support Management Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Good Management Of A Help Desk. Answer: Introduction A helpdesk refers on an organization which provides for a single point of contact for all users who are need or who require technical support (Beisse, 2015). A help desk is aimed at enhancing client satisfaction through efficiently and effectively resolving any pertinent questions and problems. That apart, it is important to note that another one of the primary focus of a help desk is actually to serve its customers and also collect the contacts of their customers. One of the significant features that are required in the effective or good management of a help desk is good information technology (IT) skills. This implies that help desk agents must therefore be well conversant with not only operating systems, hardware, and application software. That apart, in order to ensure the effective management of any helpdesk, then it is prudent to ensure that help desk agents not only have web and internet expertise but they also have the relevant network experience and skills that can enable them to effectively deal with customers in the organization (Williams et al, 2016). That apart, a comprehension of the information systems as well as the business perspectives will greatly enable people at the help desk to deliver efficient or good services to all the stakeholders in their respective organizations. An Excellent Reporting System This is also of the significant or key features in the efficient or good management of a help desk. This is quite true since the reporting system is actually one of the excellent features which are attributed to the help desk (Conger, 2015). This is quite true since it is tasked with the responsibility of reporting how much time was actually spend on customer inquiry as well as the specific people who were involved. Having an excellent reporting system is an important feature in the efficient or good management of a help desk because it permits for advanced and effective communication between employees and clients using proper channels such as emails, chats, and even automated phone follow ups (SB Bala, 2014). Having an excellent reporting system will also ensure that spam blockers are put in place. The issue of spam in the inbox is actually one of the significant problems which are faced by big organizations. Having much spam in the inbox makes it difficult for people in the help desk to go through the emails. This thus implies that the selection of an excellent reporting system means that the helpdesk will not only have the best customer support but it also implies that only genuine emails will be reflected in the inbox (Beisse, 2014). It can therefore be truly asserted that having excellent customer support and helpdesk support is quite essential for not only small and medium enterprises but also for large organizations because it will guarantee better and efficient help desk and business operations for an organization. It is important to note that having a good and effective management of a help desk truly offers both faster and unique solutions to customers and other organizational stakeholders thus earning their trusts highly. Presentation to Senior Management and Help Desk Team Leaders at Wombatphone Mobile Phone Company Owing to the fact that Wombatphones reputation has indeed gone from bad to worse, it is important that corrective action is taken in order to remedy the situation and restore its lost glory (Czegel, 2015). This implies that there should be a stop in the rude treatment of customers by the agents and ensures that such agents do not actually provide any misleading or wrong information to the companys organization. The revamping of the help desk for Wombatphone will be quite critical for the organization because not only will lead to the retention of its customers but it will also help in attracting of new customers thus making the organization to attain high profitability. Improving support services and maintaining standards at Wombatphone Company In order to ensure that support services and standards are maintained at Wombatphone Company, it is important to ensure that all agents are retrained on how they can enhance their communication skills so that they can effectively handle the companys customers in a courteous manner. That apart, it is prudent to ensure that the employees in the organization are made aware of the importance of not only improving themselves through having better or enhanced communication skills, but also inform them on how they will be trained and how the measurement of their achievements shall be done (De Voort et al, 2014). Communication is an important aspect in each and every organization and thus it is prudent to ensure all agents are well trained. It is quite important for agents to become aware of the call wait times and problem resolution skills (Laudon Laudon, 2016). The call wait times will make agents become aware of the maximum waiting period that customers will have to wait while knowing how best to resolve problems in the organization will help an organization to have lesser problems among all stakeholders. References Azeta, A. A., Omoregbe, N. A., Gberevbie, D. E., Ikpefan, O. A., Ayo, C. K., Misra, S., Williams, J. T. (2016). Motivating Effective Ict Userssupport Through Automated Mobile Edu-Helpdesk System. International Journal Of Pharmacy Technology. Beisse, F. (2014). A guide to computer user support for help desk and support specialists. Nelson Education. Beisse, F. (2015). Computer User Support for help Desk and Support Specialists. New York: Cengage Learning. Chowdhury, S., Schulz, E., Milner, M., Van De Voort, D. (2014). Core employee based human capital and revenue productivity in small firms: An empirical investigation. Journal of Business Research, 67(11), 2473-2479. Conger, S. (2015). Six sigma and business process management. In Handbook on Business Process Management 1 (pp. 127-146). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Czegel, B. (2015). Help desk practitioner's handbook. John Wiley Sons. Laudon, K. C., Laudon, J. P. (2016). Management information system. Pearson Education India. SB, P., Bala, E. S. (2014). Role of Information Technology in Effective Implementation of Customer Relationship Management. Journal ofMarketing Communication, 9(3).